What are the estimated delivery times?

Standard delivery terms: 3 to 4 business days for translations of less than 5,000 words (about 15 pages).

URGENT: The minimum term limit for urgent deliveries is 24 hours for texts that do not exceed 2000 words.

EXPRESS: Delivery in 6 to 8 hours for translations of letters, faxes, emails in editable format not exceeding 500 words.

Deadline for sworn translations
The minimum term of delivery is approximately 5 business days or depending on the urgency and customer location.

The estimated delivery term is based on several parameters: type of document, original text format, number of words, language combination and specialized terminology.

Why translate?

Because companies need to communicate with their customers and open new markets around the world, that is the reason why an efficient communication is needed and to overcome cultural distances. Our clients deserve a smooth and natural communication that make our product more attractive, an international appearance will be a professional guarantee.

Thanks to internet, the physical distance is no longer an obstacle and thanks to translation, linguistic differences are not. Moreover, we are aware that good communication is part of an impeccable commercial image.

Do we offer sworn translations?

Yes, we offer sworn translations. The official translation is the linguistic transfer of an official document whose contents are liable sworn translator. Our translators have a degree from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and may certify your documents with his official stamp.

What type of interpreting do I need?

There are several types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and whispering. The simultaneous is the most suitable for conferences and presentations, it is the fatest because it is performed from a cabin and the interpreter translates the speech while someone speaks, thus it requires specific equipment. The consecutive is perfect for seminars, meetings and short courses, the interpreter takes notes from the speaker's speech and then he transmits in the pauses made by the speaker. Liaison interpreting is most commonly used in bilateral meetings, the translator is located between both speakers and he translates them into the pauses they make. The interpretation of whispering is which the translator whispers in the ear of one person when it is the only one who does not understand the language.

Wich languages we translate?

We have a wide network of partners, which is why we can work any language combination.